The progressive jackpot is an increase in the maximum amount of winnings with each round played.

Seeing the increasing number of zeros it is difficult to remain indifferent and keep yourself in control: adrenaline waves do not let you sit still, and intuition does not whisper, but literally screams – in the next game – for sure! No wonder that the number of machines with progressive jackpots and their fans is constantly increasing.

How to win the progressive jackpot and what does the fund depend on?

Choosing games with progressive jackpots, the player already knows in advance for what amount it will have to fight. Making the first bet, the gamer thereby affects the size of the winnings. When the maximum amount fall out, no one knows, but to watch its growth can everyone: a special window for this slot machine.

Most often the progressive online jackpot is offered in slots

Given the fact that part of the money from each bet goes to the casino fund, and part – to increase the amount of the main winnings, the payout percentage in such machines will be slightly less than in conventional ones.

However, and the maximum prize strikes its size, and so many players agree to lose part of it, in exchange for the opportunity to get the progressive jackpot.

Beware of cheaters! Check the license of the gambling establishment.

  • The essence of the game on an ordinary slot and on the machine with a growing winnings is the same.
  • Distinguishes them only one rule, which must be strictly adhered to the one who hunts for the mega-prize: all bets should be the maximum. Otherwise, the main winnings will not be paid in full.

The effectiveness of the progressive jackpot game

The main question for all players is, how realistic is such a big win? To tell you the truth – the chances are not very high. Nevertheless, they are always there, and winning can be the grandest experience of your life.

In addition, there are some tips that can help you win a progressive jackpot, the fund of which is several millions. The most effective of them are the following:

  • Before starting to play a new slot, it is definitely worth to read the rules of winning: this will help avoid problems with payments;
  • It is believed that a better chance of winning is the slot, which gathered the maximum amount;
  • There is also an opinion on the effectiveness of three-reel slots, so it is not superfluous to check this version;
  • In the mood to win the progressive jackpot, is to prepare a certain amount of money that the player is ready to spend. You will have to bet the maximum, so with a small start it is better to play regular machines.

A very important point is the reputation of the establishment. To avoid problems in the future, it is better to study information about the virtual casino, read reviews. Do not get hung up on the maximum payout. Choosing a colorful machine with an interesting plot, you can not only fight for the winnings, but also get real pleasure from a good game.