Since the main machines run at online casinos, belong to the category of video slots with reels, it should be recalled that the really big payouts are possible when winning the progressive jackpot.

Cumulative or progressive jackpot

Not every new gamer has any idea how the progressive jackpot is generated.

Most people have heard of the enormous winnings at virtual casinos, but not everyone knows that compared to land-based clubs, these payouts can still be considered “childish”.

This is despite the fact that the biggest progressive jackpots won online were very impressive: the maximum was about 18 million euros. So, the cumulative grand prize can be of three types:

  • Stand Alone Progressive. Among progressive jackpots, this prize is considered the most modest, because it is accumulated on a single machine installed in a particular club.
  • Proprietary Progressive. This is already a more solid reward, which is growing due to the network of machines, working in one or more establishments (usually they are controlled by a single operator).
  • Wide Area Progressive. It is a real progressive jackpot with multimillion sums. The prize is formed on different machines from the same provider, which are part of a large network. Slots can be installed in different parts of the world in casinos run by different companies.

The amount of any jackpot grows through deductions of a small percentage of each wager by players who run a particular single simulator or slot machine that is part of a network of slots.

If someone expects to break the big jackpot with ease, we hasten to disappoint you.

The chance of getting a big payout even at the most honest and reliable site is about 1 in 50 million… If we are being honest to the end, almost any progressive jackpot is just a great marketing move by the administration, which attracts new visitors to the casino who are ready to spend money to play. Even winning serious amounts of money by the rare lucky ones has no effect on the club’s profits. The casino, in the end, earns much more due to excellent advertising, which is any serious payout.

The most popular machines with progressive jackpots

Among the most famous and popular slots with progressive jackpots are those machines where giant winnings were plucked offline or online.

For example, the machine network Megabucks, installed in a casino in Las Vegas, has helped the lucky man to become richer at 35 million bucks! Another famous slot is considered Mega Moolah from Microgaming.

That machine hit the Guinness Book of Records for the largest online payout

Before we continue, you should add a couple of spoons of tar. Almost all of the simulators of this type have low returns. RTP level of such devices can not exceed 90%. By the way. Normal “one-armed bandits” have more interesting parameters. On average – 95%-97%.

However, this is not all the trouble that lurks players. Do not forget about the payout limits. Even in land-based casinos, large winnings can be paid out in installments over several months. In online clubs restrictions are even stricter. Winning a couple of million dollars, you can wait for the full payment for a long time.

  • As you know, no institution will not withdraw such an amount at once.
  • As a result of all of the above, it is recommended to pay attention to the following recommendations: you should not play in the casino with the sole purpose to crash the big prize.
  • With a very high probability you will not succeed. Much wiser to come to the site and just have fun wisely.
  • Don’t forget that gambling addiction occurs very quickly, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of it.