It is well known that it is best to learn from the mistakes of others. If you don’t want your game to end in failure and your investment to multiply, follow these simple rules.

Mistake 1 – Wishing for a win-win

Remember that betting on sports is as much about winning as it is about losing. There is no such thing as 100% winnings, even for experienced bookmakers. More often than not, after a failure, users want to win back. They plan not only to recover the lost funds but also to increase their capital. If you lose, it is advisable to stay calm – take care of other matters, and then return to the game.

Trying to make a new bet, you risk losing money on an event you are not familiar with. Another common mistake is looking for matches with high odds. Remember the simple rule – the higher the returns, the greater the risk. If you bet on such events, you risk losing your entire deposit.

Mistake 2 – Wagering on the advice of “seasoned experts

You have probably heard more than once that new users successfully bet on the bookmaker’s website Favorit. However, there is an explanation for this. As a rule, those who have just registered on the bookmaker’s website are cautious. That is why players do not bet on events in which they have little knowledge, in addition, they do not bet at high odds. They are not yet aware of the strategies that “work 100%” and are given by pseudo-specialists.

To avoid making a mistake, remember two simple rules:

  • The cost of real predictions is so high that almost no winnings can cover it. Do not believe the promises of multiplying your capital several times overnight.
  • Forecasts that are given in thematic groups or channels rarely win. More often than not, beginners follow the advice of “experts” and end up with a loss.
  • Before you bet on sports, ask yourself a simple question. Do you want to do it for the fun or for the winnings? If you’re doing it for the fun of it, you don’t need any special knowledge. With betting, you will have fun even if you lose. In the second case, it is more complicated – in order to succeed, you need to immerse yourself in analytics, studying the teams’ options. Only gamble with money you are not afraid of losing.

Mistake 3 – Wagering “after the goal”

Many bookmakers’ odds change with a delay. Many smart players think they can outbid the bookmaker.

Here is a simple example: at the moment the match has already started. However, the information on the bookmaker’s website has not yet changed. This is because the start of the game has been moved to a closer time. This tendency is common in lesser-known championships. The players have already scored, but the line hasn’t changed.

There is no doubt that you can place a bet that will win. However, the BK will surely see “cheating”. Then two options are possible:

  • The bet will settle at odds of 1 – you lose nothing, but you don’t win either.
  • The bet amount may be frozen on the balance. In some cases, the bookmaker may also block the entire balance.

Mistake 4 – Using the “forks” strategy

Using a “forks” strategy does not really allow you to make good profits. If a player does get a win, it turns out to be random. Such a strategy is often used by the capturers and services that sell “forks”.

Mistake 5 – Betting when you have no money to spare

If you want to bet on sports, gamble only with funds you would not mind losing. Never fund your account with your last bit of money or take out a loan. If you have no expertise, gambling is not a way for you to increase your capital, but rather a pleasant pastime.